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Sunday a one day contemporary art event – Berlino –

Posted in Events, Exhibition by NABA Painting and Visual Arts on 29/04/2010

2nd of May 2010, Berlino
Opening hours 12-7 pm

Participating artists:
Özlem Altin, Sophie Bueno–Boutellier (Circus)
Francesco Barocco, Ruth Proctor (Norma Mangione)
Nina Beier, Andy Boot, Mandla Reuter (Croy Nielsen)
David Burton, Ruth Ewan, Stephen Sutcliffe (Rob Tufnell)
Andrea Büttner (Hollybush Gardens)
Danilo Correale (Supportico Lopez)
Raphael Danke (Sandra Bürgel)
Gintaras Didžiapetris, Rosalind Nashashibi (Tulips & Roses)
Haris Epaminonda, Anna Boghiguian, Gülsün Karamustafa (Rodeo)
Jeremie Gindre (Chert)
Birgir Andresson (to be confirmed), Rafal Bujnowski, Anna Molska (Villa Reykjavik)
Anca Munteanu Rimnic (PSM)
Dan Rees, Tyler Coburn (Tanya Leighton)
Yonatan Vinitsky (Limoncello)
Susanne Winterling (Lüttgenmeijer)

SUNDAY is a one day contemporary art event which will gather some of the most noticeable young galleries from Berlin and other parts of Europe under one roof. The idea is to create an easygoing and accessible temporary platform where galleries can set up their exhibitions in the most unconstrained ways. SUNDAY is a follow up to a similar project ‘7×2’ which also took place during the Berlin gallery weekend last year and attracted an estimated audience of 3000 people.

SUNDAY will occupy a brand new building on Rosa Luxemburg Platz designed by BundschuhBaumhauer architects. The participating galleries will share three spacious floors of the building without any partitioning walls or individual booths – ensuring an open atmosphere for the visitors.




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